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16-19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 Tuition Fund is available to a range of educational institutions and is funded by the government.

What is 16-19 Tutorial Programmes?

The 16-19 Tuition Fund is available to a range of educational institutions and is funded by the government. The fund helps sixth-form colleges, further education (FE) colleges, sixth-forms in schools, sixth-forms in academies, special schools, special academies, independent learning providers (ILPs), local authorities (LAs), special post-16 institutions (SPIs) and some higher education institutions (HEIs) to provide study programmes to young people.

How it works:

A national funding formula is used to calculate an allocation of funding to each institution, each academic year. This formula funds the institutions to help them deliver study programmes to their students. Upon enrolment, the institution and student agree on a tailored study programme that should take into account prior attainment, employment goals and progression, and should include the following:

  • Must be aged 19 or over (if aged between 19-23, you must already have a minimum Full Level 2 or equivalent qualification)
  • Must live in England
  • Must have been living in the UK, EU or EEA for the last 3 years
  • Must not have previously completed the course you are wanting to enrol on or another course where the content is similar
  • Must not be currently enrolled on any other government funded education programme, either with The Skills Network or any other college/provider

The funding rate for each student is determined by the size of their study programme based on their planned hours, and all 16 and 17-year-old full-time students are funded at the same national funding rate per student, per year. The funding rate can vary between academic years.


The 16-19 Tuition Fund is available to the following people:

  • Students aged 16 to 19
  • Students up to the age of 25 who have an education health and care (EHC) plan
  • 14 to 16-year-olds who are directly enrolled with eligible FE institutions
  • Home educated students of compulsory school age at any FE college

What can we do to help?

We offer a number of options through this funding, including:

  • Accredited qualifications in a range of levels and subjects
  • Accredited learning resources to support delivery
  • Functional Skills – English and Maths
  • Essentials – Employability programme covering subjects such as job searching, CV writing, social awareness, and more.
  • Over 50 online auto-marked CPD short courses in a range of subjects

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