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Career Guidance

Using a blend of research techniques and working with Emsi

Using a blend of research techniques and working with Emsi (a labor market analytics and economic data tool), we have reviewed 1.5 million jobs to highlight the employment opportunities available in the UK right now – as well as the hard and soft skills that employers are currently looking for.

With insights including the most in demand job roles, in demand hard skills and in demand soft skills, this online career guidance tool can benefit a number of audiences:

  • Students, graduates, jobseekers, and candidates who are looking for next steps career guidance, how to potentially approach the job market and how to develop their skill sets.
  • Learning providers and education institutions who want to create and acquire training programmes that will enable learners to develop sought after and required skills as they begin their career paths, re-tain, or change careers.
  • Businesses who are thinking about upskilling their employees and developing their workforce.
  • The government, combined authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS) and Local Strategic Improvement Plans (LSIPS) who want to determine the skills that will be needed over the next year and beyond.