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Making learning and skills accessible

The Skills Network is one of the most successful distance learning providers, offering over 150 courses in 30 countries around the world.

We upskill more than 35,000 learners in the UK alone each year, and we also work with over 5,000 organisations and 500 colleges and independent training providers to deliver training to students and employees.

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely from your home or overseas without the need to attend any classes or have regular face to face contact with a Tutor. It allows learners to study at a place and time to suit them, meaning they can learn alongside other commitments such as work, family and hobbies.

Alongside our award winning e-learning platform EQUAL, we offer a wide range of services to individuals, organisations and colleges around the world.


  • Your own cloud-based, branded learning platform
  • Instant access to a variety of CPD, Employability, English Language courses and UK registered Qualifications
  • Ability to upload fully branded certificates for your learners upon successful completion of their auto marked courses
  • The ability to track and manage learners using our e-learning platform
  • Create and add your own unique and exclusive courses using the course authoring tool

Additional courses that could benefit your workforce include:

  • Holistic CPD
  • Safeguarding
  • Teaching Assistant courses
  • SEN
  • Early years courses
  • Functional skills, literacy, and numeracy
  • English Language Training

Online Training as a system (OTaaS)

Our Online Training as a Service (OTaaS) solution can instantly boost your range of online course provision and create a new revenue stream almost overnight. Partnering with The Skills Network provides you with a unique, cost effective library of over 150 editable and highly sought after training courses to sell, ranging from short micro credential and CPD courses up to full diplomas, each available in your branding, that you simply link to from your site, differentiating yourself from your competition and making you more attractive to your current and future clients. We can have this low cost, low risk solution up and running in 14 days.

OTaaS Features Include:

  • Your own cloud-based, branded course delivery system, that we host and support, you simply provide a link to it on your website, providing you with your choice of over 150 online courses, including CPD, employability, EFL, functional skills, mental health, digital skills
  • UK regulated qualifications and certificated CPD programmes
  • Ability to upload fully branded certificates for your learners upon successful completion of their auto marked courses
  • The ability to track and manage learners
  • Tools to create and add your own unique and exclusive programme content
  • Certification

Create your own online programme delivery

As a major provider of online training and assessment, we have become leading experts in developing strong and engaging online provision and in supporting education stakeholders to meet increasing demand for great online and blended learning. We support partners to create their own bespoke offer, using our content and solutions. These are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Fully white labelled, branded and customised Learner Management System platforms with ability to personalise and select your own management, monitoring and reporting usage of the system to align with your needs
  • E-commerce functionality to allow you to sell your own courses or to white label The Skills Network programmes and deliver them as your own programmes, sold directly to learners or to third parties as content
  • Ability to create and deliver your own programmes and to offer your own diagnostic and personalised curriculum provision, using our courses as a base to develop your own versions aligned with national and institutional curriculums
  • Ability to take our auto-assessed courses and offer them as your own programmes
  • A solution to the demand for online programmes. We have over 150 end to end online courses, ranging from short awards and CPD programmes to full diploma qualifications. All of our programmes are designed to the highest pedagogical standards with huge investment in development and design of these market leading programmes. These courses can be edited and adapted to align with different national or institutional curriculums to suit your needs. The Skill Network’s incredible catalogue of course content can be amended and edited to transform into an incredible range of programmes and learning outcomes, supporting partners around the world to develop and deliver their own highly dynamic, engaging online and blended delivery learning and assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions

I live overseas, can I still take a course?
You certainly can, you can purchase one of our distance learning courses and get started
Do I have to be a part of an international business to take a course?
Absolutely not! You can make the most of our courses by yourself and at your own leisure.
Is there a limit of how many employees I can enroll on to The Skills Network’s courses?
There is no limit, the more the merrier!
Do you have a full list of courses you provide internationally?
Of course we do, here’s a link to help you out:
What do you offer internationally?
Good question! We offer a wide range of 150 online courses, an award winning online e-learning platform EQUAL (making it easy to track, manage and monitor your students or employees, what’s more you can brand it how you like!) We even offer a reseller package where you can resell all of our online courses!
I’m in the international education sector, can you help me?

We can! Speak to one of experts in that area by filling out the form below and one our expert team will be in touch with you shortly!

I’m an international business, can you help me?

Definitely! Get in touch with us today by filling out a form and one our expert team will be in touch with you shortly!