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Making learning and skills accessible

At The Skills Network, we offer an extensive range of distance learning courses across multiple levels and subject areas.

At The Skills Network, we offer an extensive range of distance learning courses across multiple levels and subject areas. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best possible learning experience to all our learners. Whether you are an individual looking for free courses to gain knowledge and improve career prospects, or an employer looking for online training courses for staff, we have got you covered.

From fully funded* recognised qualifications and continuous professional development (CPD) courses to short courses and certifications, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities, skills, and knowledge to suit your needs.

* Eligibility criteria applies

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Accounting and Finance

This sector involves the management of money and business, typical work consists of auditing, budget analysis, business strategy and financial accounting.

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Business, Leadership & Management

Whether you are looking to begin a career in business, or progress into a team leader or management role.

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Childcare and Education

The childcare and education sector is made up of early years, schools, colleges, higher education and adult learning.

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Health and Fitness

The need for training in health and fitness is high as many aspects of modern living continue to contribute to weight gain on a national scale and the associated health conditions.

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Health and Safety

Whether you are an individual looking for health and safety awareness courses to gain new skills, or an employer looking for health and safety training courses to upskill your staff.

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Health, Social Care and Well-being

The Health and Social Care sector works in the treatment of ill health and medical conditions and includes organisations which provide healthcare support.

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Personal Development, Employability

Personal development and employability skills are the transferable skills employers look for when hiring new staff or promoting existing staff.

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Retail and Hospitality

The Skills Network consumer experience is number one in retail and hospitality industries, with an increase in expectations and a savvier approach to buying.

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Digital Courses

The digital skills sector is thriving with growth and in a world that has had to adapt with many of us making the transition to online, developing digital skills has become key.

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Leaf icon Sustainability

For those seeking to learn more about sustainability and how to be sustainable and for anyone who has a personal interest in this topic for their own reasons or career.

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