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Metaverse Learning

Bring Learning to Life!

Introducing Metaverse Learning

Working in partnership with Metaverse Learning, a leading provider of virtual training experiences, The Skills Network are thrilled to introduce a range of immersive training environments. Transforming the landscape of digital learning through virtual scenarios and giving all people the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

With Metaverse’s use of virtual and augmented reality solutions, alongside The Skills Network’s depth of industry knowledge and experience, Metaverse Learning offers opportunity for the development of life experience, delivered through accessible virtual means and at the learner’s pace.

From stand-alone immersive experiences to integration with T-Levels, Skills Bootcamps and AEB programmes, The Skills Network’s new programmes offer accessible and risk free environments to practice real working scenarios, offering FE Partners and learners alike the edge in employability, through practice.

Explore the future of learning through Metaverse and bring learning to life today!

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