Alcohol Awareness Course

Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness

This alcohol awareness training aims to strengthen your employees’ knowledge of alcohol and its effects. They will learn about alcohol unit strengths, alcohol misuse and the effects of it, health issues associated with alcohol misuse and help and information for withdrawing from alcohol.

Unit 1: Equality and diversity in society

In this unit, your employees will understand what exactly is meant by the term ‘equality’ and explore the damaging effects of stereotyping and labelling.

Unit 2: Equality and diversity in the community

This unit will assist your employees in identifying the extent of diversity that exists within a community and understanding the great benefits of promoting a culture of equality and diversity.

Unit 3: Equality and diversity in the workplace

This unit covers how equality and diversity can be promoted and maintained by employees, and will highlight the benefits of a dynamic, diverse workforce.

Benefits of this alcohol awareness training:

  • Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials.
  • Full cost Direct debit Advanced Learner Loan
    £150 Initial payment of £15.00, 2 monthly payments of £67.50 N/A

    Key Information

    Course Price £150.00
    Course Length 3 weeks
    Awarding Body NCFE
    Learning Method(s)

    Online learning
    materials with
    online assessment

    Direct Debit

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