Reception and Administration Duties within Leisure and Tourism

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The role of a receptionist is crucial to creating a positive first impression of a business to customers and clients. As they are at the forefront of many businesses within the leisure and tourism industry, receptionists must maintain a high level of knowledge and professionalism in order to maintain excellent customer service. This course will provide learners with the knowledge needed to provide administrative services, deliver excellent customer service and produce business documentation for the leisure and tourism sector. Learners will also gain the necessary skills to identify the characteristics of stress and anxiety, and discover how to manage them effectively.

TSN offers other reception courses, not just leisure and tourism reception training. Online reception training courses that we can offer your learners include Reception and Administration Duties in the Health and Social Care Sector, and Reception and Administration Duties in the Hospitality Sector.

Unit 1: Principles of providing administrative services

This unit will enable your learners to develop their knowledge of a range of administrative support tasks as well as the different types of meetings and mail services. They will also gain an understanding of how to organise travel and accommodation and explore the impact of delivering poor customer service.

Unit 2: Principles of business document production and information management

Within this unit your learners will gain an understanding of how to prepare and distribute business documents, and identify how information is managed in business organisations.

Unit 3: Principles of customer service

Here your learners will expand their understanding of customer service, focusing on developing their skills in effective delivery and identifying customer expectations. Learners will also discover the importance of keeping up to date with competitors’ activities, and explore the legal and ethical requirements relevant to a customer service role.

Unit 4: Understanding stress

Within this unit your learners will consider stress and its causes, and identify how stress might feel for an individual. They will explore the different symptoms that can be experienced, and the variety of methods used to manage stress.

Unit 5: Understanding anxiety

Here your learners will gain an understanding of anxiety and its causes by developing an appreciation of what anxiety can feel like for an individual. They will consider the different symptoms that may be experienced and discover the methods used for managing and treating anxiety, including the roles and needs of an individual’s family and friends.

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