CPD Explore the Principles of Healthy Eating

Would any of your learners benefit from completing some healthy eating training?

This course aims to help your learners to develop their understanding of healthy eating. In this course they will learn what a healthy diet is, how to identify different food groups and understand a balanced diet, identify nutrients, fluids and fibre and learn about food preparation and food safety awareness.

Healthy eating training can provide your learners with the skills they need to pursue a career in health and social care or hospitality.

Section 1: Diet and health

In this section, your learners will understand the meaning of the word diet, what a healthy diet is and how to have a balanced diet. This covers topics such as energy and its sources, lifestyle diseases and obesity and salts.

Section 2: Components of a healthy diet

Within this section, your learners will be able to identify different food groups and understand a balanced diet and how to keep the body healthy.

Section 3: Nutrients and their role in maintaining health

This section covers the importance of nutrients, fluids and fibre and your learners will understand their role in maintaining good health.

Section 4: Healthy food preparation

This section covers the key elements of food preparation and planning a healthy meal.

Section 5: Food safety awareness

In this section your learners will be introduced to food safety, personal hygiene, cleaning and contamination.

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