CPD Improving Employability Skills

Would any of your learners benefit from completing an employability skills course? This course will help your learners to develop their knowledge and skills for allowing a learner to improve their own employability, self development and social awareness.

Throughout this course, they will learn how to manage their behaviour and understand mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. They will also learn about organising study time, creating a healthy diet, and awareness of alcohol, substance misuse and sexual health as well as increasing their employability skills and learning how to prepare for an interview and present information on a CV. Upon completion of this employability skills course, your learners will be prepared for the future, both in terms of employability and self-care.

Unit 1: Social Awareness

In this unit, your learners will begin by learning about managing their own social behaviour and communicating with others socially. They will then move on to look at a variety of mental health conditions, including stress, anxiety, depression and eating disorders, covering the signs and symptoms of these disorders and how to manage them. Finally, they will move on to understand equality and diversity and the benefits of these for individuals and organisations, and understand their own human rights.

Unit 2: Employability

Within this unit, your learners will learn how to develop their strengths and review their self development. They will learn how to identify and deal with problems in daily life and then begin to consider how to present information in a CV and what key qualities are required for employment. Your learners will then work on improving their job search skills, self-presentation and interview preparation before identifying and applying for jobs.

Unit 3: Self Development

In this unit, your learners will work on improving their own study skills, including understanding the demands of study and how to set targets for study. They will work on how to find, use and keep information and organise study time effectively, as well as how to listen and contribute when learning. They will also look at healthy eating and the principles of exercise, awareness of alcohol and substance misuse, and sexual health. Finally, they will consider personal money management.

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