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The Skills In Demand... In THE NORTH POLE!

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

Become your best-elf this December and upskill with The Skills Network's FREE training courses!

Not sure where to start? In a world first, The Skills Network has partnered with Santa himself to unveil the top skills in demand in THE NORTH POLE!

Top hard skills:

  1. Santa's Workshop Operations
  2. Sleigh Mechanics
  3. Reindeer Handling
  4. Gift Wrapping

  5. Top soft skills:

    1. Christmas Cheer
    2. Carol Singing
    3. Kindness
    4. Joy

    5. For those unlucky few who wont be spending Christmas in The North Pole this year, never fear... The Skills Network have you covered!

      Check out the top skills in demand in:

      Cambridge and Peterbrough


      Greater London

      West Yorkshire

      Tees Valley

      North of Tyne

      North East

      With 48 FREE training courses available through Government funding, upskill and develop this festive period... Go on, it's Christmas.

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