Learning Disability Week 2019

Details: Written by Lauren Simpkins Published: 21/06/2019

This week is Learning Disability Week 2019, and this year the focus is on sports and inclusion.

Sport is beneficial for both the body and mind. For individuals with learning disabilities, there are five key areas that sports activities benefit:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Personal social skills
  • Self-worth and confidence
  • Social attitudes.

Although sports activities are beneficial, only 16.8% of people with learning disabilities play sport at least once a week, compared to the 39.9% of the general population (Source: Sport England, 2018). This may be due to the many barriers that are encountered by individuals with learning disabilities when it comes to accessing sport activities. These include:

  • Lack of accessible venues and facilities
  • People with a learning disability may lack self-confidence or social skills
  • People with a learning disability are more likely to face financial constraints which may reduce participation, such as additional costs relating to transport to and from the activity, a support worker, and sometimes the entrance fee for the support worker
  • Lack of accessible information can be a major hindrance for people with a learning disability.

Ways to Improve Inclusion

Ways to Improve Inclusion

A recent study has shown that sports activities designed specifically for individuals with learning disabilities have higher participation levels. There are many ways to include individuals with learning disabilities in sport:

  • Provide staff awareness training to improve the understanding of the needs of individuals with learning disabilities
  • Provide easy-read information about sports activities
  • Provide greater funding for resources and transport
  • Encourage participation in sports projects.

With 18% of individuals with a learning disability feeling alone and cut off from other people, it is more important than ever to improve your understanding of issues related to different types of learning disabilities and how these affect individuals in their daily lives.

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