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Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 14 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about studying a Skills Bootcamp course

Who is eligible for a Skills Bootcamp?

Our Skills Bootcamps are for adults aged 19 or over as of the 31st August 2023 who are either in work, self-employed, recently unemployed or returning to work after a break. You must have lived in England for at least the last 3 consecutive years, and have the right to work in the United Kingdom.

How much does a Skills Bootcamp cost?

If you are unemployed, employed but ready for career change or an employer recruiting an individual who has completed a Skills Bootcamp, there is no cost.

Large employers looking to upskill their current staff will contribute 30% of the cost for their staff members upskilling. Small or medium employers (SMEs) will contribute 10% for their staff members upskilling.

Can you do more than one Skills Bootcamp?

An adult can only undertake one of our Skills Bootcamps per funding year (1st April to 31st March) and must not be on more than one Skills Bootcamp at any one time.

What equipment will I need?

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer, with a working camera and microphone to take part in the virtual live learning sessions alongside a reliable internet connection.

What are the requirements for the Skills Bootcamps?

You must be committed to learn for 10-12.5 hours per week, which includes up to 7 hours of weekly live learning sessions within our Skills Bootcamps for up to 14 weeks.

What are live learning sessions?

Live learning sessions are 7 hours worth of online face to face learning with your cohort and tutor per week. This is an essential part of your course and you are required to attend every session for the duration of your course.

During the enrolment process you will have the option to select your preferred sessions and these will occur every week at the same time. Failure to attend may result in you being withdrawn from the course.

How do I get onto a Skills Bootcamp course?

Applying to one of our Level 3 Skills Bootcamps does not guarantee you a place on our course, as you must meet the eligibility criteria and speak to one of our advisors to ensure you are aware of the course commitments.

Spaces are also likely to fill up before the deadline so we would advise you to apply sooner rather than later to give yourself the best chance of acceptance onto the course.

What does the application process involve?

In order to complete your application process, start your learning and gain your certificate you will go through the steps listed below:

  1. Pre-enrolment form: Complete the pre-enrolment form and let us know if you’re interested.
  2. Your Pre-enrolment Form will be assessed by our team to confirm your eligibility for your chosen course. If they need any further information, they will contact you to obtain this.
  3. Application form: If you are eligible, the LSA team will send you an email with a link to the main application form for you to complete along with Initial Assessment questions so we can properly support you.
  4. Information, Advice and Guidance Call: Once we've received your Application Form and your Initial Assessment, our team will get in touch to complete your Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) call.
  5. Accepting Terms & Conditions: A follow-up email will be sent with a link in it for you to agree to the terms and conditions of your course.
  6. Enrolment onto course: Once you have accepted the T&Cs we will allocate you to a cohort and enrol you ontoyour course.
  7. Create an Equal account & log in: Now you’re enrolled, you will receive an email with your account login details for our learning platform, Equal, where you will access your learning material and live learning sessions.
  8. Welcome Call: Your LSA will call you to check everything is ok and to outline what support is available during your learning.
  9. Start your learning: Every week you will complete your learning including 5 hours of live sessions with your Tutor and our careers team. You will also complete assessments and projects on our Equal platform.
  10. Careers and Support: You will continue to be supported by our Careers and Progressions team to help you find a new job, gain promotion or grow your business for up to six months after you complete your course.
  11. Guaranteed job interview: If you are unemployed or looking to change careers you will be offered a job interview.
  12. Progression: You will need to provide us with written evidence of your progression once you have secured a new job, gained a promotion or secured new business.
What will happen after I complete the Skills Bootcamp?

After completing one of our Skills Bootcamps, we will help you to find employment by setting you up with an interview or encouraging job progression. Employability training is a huge part of our courses.

Will I receive a certificate for completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for completing one of our Skills Bootcamps.

How many Skills Bootcamps can I apply for?

You may only apply for one Skills Bootcamp per funding year.

What area does ‘National’ cover?

‘National’ covers areas in England only. They are East Midlands, East of England, London, South West, South East, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, North East and North West.