The following Covid-19 Addendum provides information regrading our response to the current Covid-19 situation regarding our Safeguarding and Prevent Policy.

Safeguarding Information

This section has been designed to support any learner who has concerns about their own, or someone else’s, well-being, health or safety.

Safeguarding means ensuring that we protect ourselves and others from harm or damage using the appropriate measures.

The Skills Network is committed to ensuring that we take appropriate action to ensure that young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe.

See below for further information on safeguarding at The Skills Network.

TSN Safeguarding Team

Name Title Email Tel. Number
Paul Wakeling Designated Safeguarding Lead 01757 600706
Josh Hill Deputy Safeguarding Lead 01757 600706
Ashleigh Penny Deputy Safeguarding Lead 01757 600706
Claire Howard Deputy Safeguarding Lead 01757 600706
Peter McCann Governor Safeguarding Lead 01757 600706
Katie Popplewell Safeguarding Officer 01757 600706

'Prevent’ at The Skills Network

The Skills Network is also committed to mitigating, and supporting others to mitigate, the threat of terrorism to the UK.

TSN recognises that all staff and learners have a role to play in preventing radicalisation.

All complaints, allegations or suspicions relating to radicalisation are taken extremely seriously by The Skills Network.

For TSN’s policy on Prevent, please access our Safeguarding and Prevent policy by clicking here.