Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading

Interested in studying one of our leadership courses? Online materials and assessments make it easy for anyone, anywhere to study our courses. This qualification will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to successfully lead a team. You will develop knowledge around the principles of team leading and the general workings of a business as well as how important it is for a team leader to be able to successfully communicate with a range of stakeholders.

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Unit 1: Principles of team leading

Within this introductory unit, you will gain an understanding of various leadership styles. You will develop knowledge of team dynamics and the techniques that are essential to effectively manage a team’s workload.

Unit 2: Understand business

Here you will increase your understanding of different organisational structures and the business environment. You will develop your knowledge of the principles of business planning and finance within an organisation, as well as business reporting, management responsibilities and accountabilities within and organisation.

Unit 3: Understand how to communicate work-related information

Here you will look at the principles and techniques behind work-related communication through both verbal and written forms. You will develop knowledge of a range of documents required for different types of meetings in a business environment.

Unit 4: Understand how to manage performance and conflict in the workplace

Within this unit you will develop your knowledge of team performance management through benchmarking, discovering how to manage underperformance within a team and conflict in the workplace.

Unit 5: Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace

In this unit you will develop an understanding of the standards and expectations of equality and diversity in the workplace, including the potential consequences of failing to comply with the relevant legislation.

Unit 6: Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues

In Unit 6 you will look in detail about the principles of effective teamwork and how to be a ‘buddy’. This unit also covers the benefits of effective team working, how to give feedback constructively and the techniques that may be used to resolve team conflict.

Unit 7: Understand health and safety procedures in the workplace

Within this unit you will look at the main health and safety responsibilities and laws affecting the workplace. You will look at employers’ and employees’ responsibilities in relation to health and safety, as well as the support that is available for employees.

Unit 8: Understand how to develop and deliver a presentation

In the final unit, you will look at the development and delivery of presentations. You will discover the advantages and limitations of various forms of media, look at the factors affecting contingency plans and consider different ways to evaluate presentations.

The benefits of this course include:

  • Learn from your own home, in your own time
  • Achieve a nationally recognised level 2 qualification
  • Access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • Subject specialist support from a Tutor and access to a Learner Support Advisor for everyday queries
  • Funding available – speak to one of our team for more information and to see if you are eligible.
  • This qualification could assist you in gaining the following employment opportunities and potential salaries:

    Customer Service Manager – up to £25,000

    Retail Manager – up to £35,000

    Full cost Direct debit Fully funded
    £299 Initial payment of £29.90, 3 monthly payments of £89.70 To be eligible you must:
  • Be 19 or over
  • Have lived in the European Union for the past three years
  • Not be a current learner with The Skills Network or another provider
  • Learners must reside in England or Scotland
  • NOT have done the course of interest before.

  • Key Information

    Funding Funded
    (Subject to availability)
    Course Price £299.00
    Course Length 8-12 weeks
    average course length
    Awarding Body TQUK
    E-Certificates upon achievement
    Learning Method(s)

    Online learning
    materials with
    online assessment

    Paper based
    learning materials
    with online assessment

    Direct Debit

    Most recent customer reviews

    Adam Louw

    1 year ago

    "I'm learning a lot from the course. The online syllabus is interactive and very well laid out."

    'Adam decided to study this course to help increase his employment opportunities as well as to better himself on a personal development level.'

    'I'm looking to better myself and be more employable.'
    'I'm learning a lot from the course. Some of the things I've come across have been a little more demystified. Motivating people has been highly beneficial to me.'
    'The online syllabus is interactive and very well laid out. I'm highly impressed with this course. I highly recommend the Skills Network.'

    Holly Rae

    1 year ago

    "Highly recommended to anyone looking to set out/just started in a career in leadership & management."

    Holly decided to study this course as part of her professional development, and she found that having a booklet, as well as the option to answer questions online was really helpful. Since completing this course, Holly has been successful in applying for an IT role, and says that this course has given her the foundations to start a career in leadership & management.

    'As part of my career development I wanted to learn some skills in leadership & management to allow me to apply for jobs in this area as they came up.'
    'The course content was really relevant and I learnt a lot. It gave me food for thought and enabled me to apply some of the skills even though I wasn't in a management type role. Since completing the course I went on to apply for a leadership role in IT and was successful. I have now been in post for a year and absolutely love my job and have to credit this course for giving me the foundations to start a career in leadership & management.'
    'I really liked having a physical book as well as been able to type the answers online rather than hand write. The tutors gave good feedback quickly and helped when I was stuck or didn't understand a question. I have completed an NCFE through a 3rd party provider and the online experience was terrible compared to the one I did through the University. Highly recommended to anyone looking to set out/just started in a career in leadership & management.'

    Bethanie Seamer

    2 years ago

    Bethanie chose to study this course to gain more knowledge and to help her develop in her current role as a team leader.

    'I chose to study this course to gain more knowledge.'
    'It helped me get an extra qualification.'
    'It was a smooth experience.'

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