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What to expect from COP26

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

With more than 190 countries joining together in Glasgow this week for an event that’s being described as a “turning point for humanity”, COP26 is a big deal…

So what is it?

For nearly three decades the United Nations has brought together countries from around the globe to the Conference of the Parties. A global climate summit discussing all things climate change. Having grown from being a fringe issue, today’s COP26 will be discussing actions needed to combat catastrophic warming as a global priority.

What has happened before?

The most momentous conference to date was COP21, which was held in Paris in 2015. Here, all attending countries agreed the Paris Agreement: working together to limit global warming to 1.5 – 2 degrees through adaptations and investments.

All countries introduced Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC’S), plans setting out how much they would reduce their emissions which would be reviewed and updated every five years.

What will happen next?

COP26 is the first environmental conference following the Paris Agreement where all countries will review their original commitments. Now, agreements must go further than 2015 – once again working harder to combat this global crisis.

The coming days will reveal the next steps in climate action, and will prove crucial in preventing further global warming.

How can I help?

One of the biggest elements to successful climate action is knowledge and as one of the UK's largest training providers, we know where our responsibility lies in the fight.

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