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We've changed...

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

We’ve had a makeover!

We’re very excited to introduce you to our new brand, driving our new vision of transformative learning, sustainability solutions, and making online learning the most accessible and enjoyable experience for all people!

As times have changed, so have we and our commitment to listening to the demands of both the market and our customers has allowed us to revolutionise our tech and content. Now, we have developed learning experiences that are truly bespoke to the varied needs of all of our customers.

To reflect our developments, we’ve had a makeover and are so excited to re-introduce The Skills Network as a technology business that delivers the highest quality learning and skills to all people, from the education sector, business-to-business and for individual learners across the world.

Making Learning and Skills Accessible

Comment from our Chief Executive:

“Over the last two years, our industry like many others has experienced rapid change and in this, adaptability and flexibility has been key to our survival. Now, the need for high quality and accessible learning provisions is greater than ever and we are pleased to continue to lead in the development and production of an award-winning learning experience, made accessible to all people.

“Aligned with our recent developments, we are now delighted to reveal our new repositioned brand - A fresh face for the next chapter of The Skills Network. Our new brand is driving our vision of transformative learning and sustainability solutions as we work to enhance the future of education through our extensive learner insight and most notably, our commitment towards listening to the demands of the market.

“Having created award-winning content for over ten years, we look forward to this next evolution as we create the ultimate bespoke learning experience at scale and make learning and skills accessible to all people” - Mark Dawe, Chief Executive at The Skills Network.