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We're reducing our carbon footprint with E-Certificates

Details: Written by Laura Cottle |

Here's our top three reasons why we've moved to E-Certificates

1) They’re environmentally-friendly

Did you know that every person in the UK uses just under 4.5 trees-worth of paper each year?

Here at TSN we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon foot print and how much paper we use in our operation on a day to day basis, our move to E-certificates is a part of that drive. By supporting us and moving to using E-certificates instead of printed certificates, you’ll be helping the planet and protecting it for future generation to come. We can also get them to you quicker!

2) They’re COVID-safe

Reviewing our operation we also identified that to help and support keep our staff and learner safer at the moment in time, we want to reduce the number of hands that touch your certificate as it makes It ways to you.

Did you know that roughly 10 sets of hands touch each certificate! That’s a lot of hands!

By moving towards E-certificates that our sent digitally, there is less people touching them, therefore preventing this risk of COVID spreading further.

We also know the post services are slow! So we want to get these to you as fast as possible in the safest manner!

3) They’re official as a printed certificate

We know some people like the look and feel and sense of authenticity you get with a printed certificate. We get that. We understand a certificate is a proof of achievement, a sense of pride and its critical for helping you land that dream job. We also want to make sure they look and feel 100% official.

Our new E-certificate are slightly different to the printed certificates in that they don’t have the hologram in the bottom left corner. They do, however, have a QR code as a replacement in the same area. If you scan this you will be taken to a verification page where you can confirm authenticity within seconds. Neat right?