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Here's why we're your perfect match this Valentine's Day

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

Today we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at The Skills Network, so here are three reasons why we are your perfect match for staff training and upskilling this February.

  1. Our insights:

  2. The Skills Network are a passionate bunch dedicated to listening to the needs of the market and their customers. Through our expertly researched trend reports we have a depth of market insight that allows us to tailor our educational resourcing and content to the needs of each individual business across the country.

    Whether you’re looking to fulfil the needs of compulsory staff training, skills bootcamps or apprenticeship programmes The Skills Network offers a unique service, allowing employers to build curriculum and tailor their staff training programmes to long term strategies and individualised L&D plans, adding real value to businesses around the world.

  3. Our tech:

  4. Through our award-winning learning management system technology Equal, we offer a truly bespoke and flexible learning service.

    EQUAL supports educational delivery through online or blended learning and now through pre assessment and diagnostic technology we can predict a learners likely success rate prior to commencing training and assess a learner’s strengths and capabilities to create a totally unique learning journey. These innovative tools, which benefit the learner by saving their time and enriching their education, highlights the key areas that each person will need to dedicate more time towards in their modules – improving content comprehension throughout staff training programmes.

  5. Our free provision:

    The Skills Network support the delivery of free training content for thousands of employers through The Government Adult Education Budget. Available for anyone aged over 19, AEB is used to fund training in a wide range of qualifications.

Reach out today and discover how we can help you fulfil your staff training needs this Valentine's Day!

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