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TSN Secures Contract to Deliver Online Learning to 5,000 People in Botswana

Details: Written by Benjamin Atkinson |

The Skills Network (TSN) has won a three-year international contract with Botswana's largest business school to provide online learning technology and content to over 5,000 students.

We are extremely proud to have secured a strategic partnership with Botswana's largest college, Botswana Accountancy College (BAC), to help support and innovate the college’s delivery of education.

This partnership will also see TSN appointed as the preferred provider of online learning for BAC’s corporate training division.

Our learning technology will be used by businesses across Botswana and surrounding countries, contributing to the upskilling of staff within Botswana’s fast-growing economy.

Our first project in Africa will have a significant impact on innovating learning and development in Botswana, aiding the way in which people can access education and training within the area.

BAC focuses on providing accounting, computing, business and leisure, postgraduate and corporate training to key business acumen in Botswana and its neighbouring countries.

James Earl, our Education Sales Director, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with such a prestigious partner in BAC. Part of our strategic priority over the coming years is to grow rapidly in the African market, and we believe we have found a partner who we can work closely with to reach our goals.

By 2025, internet penetration in Africa will rise to 50% (600 million users) and smartphones will increase sixfold. This will transform the way that all Africans can access quality education and training opportunities. Our objective is to help support organisations and users with the systems and content needed to transform lives.”

Serty Leburu, Executive Director at BAC, said:

“Our aspiration is to become the business school of choice in Africa. In order to achieve this, we need to work with innovative partners who have similar goals. After a global search, we believe we have found the perfect partner in The Skills Network.

Introducing e-learning of this calibre into our portfolio will help us to transform the way we teach thousands of students and contribute to upskilling employees across Africa.”