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Now Live! – New Online Features For Students

Details: Written by Benjamin Atkinson |

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched several new features to our online courses.

Whether it's a course in event planning, accounting or dementia care, these new tools will enable all of our online students to study smarter, simpler and more intuitively!

As we greatly value our student voice, all of these features are directly based on the feedback we've received from our students.

You spoke, and we listened!

We're confident that the new features we’ve added to our online learning platform, EQUAL, will only further the engaging online experience on offer to our students.

Interactive Calendar – Study Smarter

All of our online students will now benefit from the new ‘Interactive Calendar’ feature.

This feature allows students to create their own study plan, arrange calls with their Learning Support Advisor (LSA), set reminders and make revision notes, along with a host of other benefits.

Now, more than ever, students can take control of their own learning path, allocating the time they need to their studies.

Students will benefit from:

  • Their calendar being automatically populated with their deadlines, showing exactly when submissions are due
  • Building their own study plan – adding in their own custom dates, setting reminders, colour coding dates and adding revision notes
  • Being able to book a call about their course with a Tutor or Learner Development Advisor (LDA) by clicking on a date, requesting a call back, choosing a preferred time, giving their reasons for a call and explaining any issues in advance of the call

‘Saved Pages’ – Bookmarking Feature

Students can now bookmark sections of their course, saving the pages that are of interest or importance to them!

By simply clicking on the bookmark symbol, students can store certain pages within their learning content and revisit them when answering their online assessments.

This feature will also allow students to revisit their learning after they’ve completed their course – revisiting case studies and templates whenever they may need them and applying them to their work setting. They can even include these pages within their professional portfolio, showcasing the key knowledge and models they’ve acquired within their professional toolkit!

Page Carousel

We've added in a new page carousel feature.

This lets students quickly scroll through their online course pages, easily finding the videos, case studies and models they need!

Students will no longer need to manually click back and forth through their pages, which can help them revise more quickly and efficiently.

Progress Bar

New progress bars will be located on students homepages, which lets students know exactly how much of a unit they have left to complete, as well as their progress through the course as a whole!

Students can now choose the way they want their EQUAL interface to look.

They can choose from a variety of different colour themes to customise their online learning experience.

Customise Your Interface

Students can now choose the way they want their EQUAL interface to look.

They can choose from a variety of different colour themes to customise their online learning experience.

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