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Introducing Metaverse Learning

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

Working in partnership with Metaverse Learning, a leading provider of virtual training experiences, The Skills Network are thrilled to introduce a range of immersive training environments, transforming the landscape of digital learning through virtual scenarios and giving all people the opportunity to develop and learn new skills.

What is Metaverse Learning?

Metaverse Learning is an interactive and immersive learning experience delivered through virtual and augmented reality programmes, providing high quality learning experiences available to all people regardless of lifestyle constraints.

The new partnership is combining our depth of industry knowledge with Metaverse’s innovative technology and uniting our shared mission of generating inclusive and accessible learning experiences, available to all people.

From stand-alone immersive experiences to integration with Apprenticeships, T-Levels, Skills Bootcamps and AEB funded courses, our new programmes offer accessible and risk free environments to practice real working scenarios, offering FE Partners and learners alike the edge in employability, through practice.

Sian Wilson, Executive Director of Commercial at The Skills Network comments: “The Skills Network are thrilled to be partnering with Metaverse Learning, to introduce our new enhanced and immersive learning experiences to colleges throughout the country.

“Advancing technologies such as virtual reality create great opportunities for more varied learning environments, while the nature of eLearning offers greater inclusivity to people from all backgrounds.

“Here at The Skills Network, we are proud to continue to develop our inclusive provisions and look forward to supporting future learners through our new resources”.

Jason Holt, CEO at Metaverse Learning comments: “At Metaverse Learning, it is our mission that no learner should be left behind. Through this partnership with The Skills Network, we are delighted to be sharing a joint commitment to bring the most innovative virtual reality, augmented reality and virtual environment solutions to the sector, helping to make learning and skills accessible to everyone”.

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