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International Nurses Day 2021

Details: Written by Kelly Worsnop |


Created by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1965, International Nurses Day is held on the birthday of one of the world’s most famous nurses, Florence Nightingale, and celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world.

Alongside showing appreciation for healthcare workers, each year the ICN creates a kit of resources containing valuable educational and public information materials that can be used by nurses around the world.

After one of the toughest years in history, we would like to recognise and show our appreciation for all NHS staff and healthcare workers who have been at the forefront of battling the Covid-19 pandemic. The hard work and strength shown is outstanding, and we want to thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do to keep us safe!

As a distance learning provider, we are able to deliver courses to people who want to upskill, gain more knowledge in a subject or use learning to focus on something different.

Today we would like to celebrate a number of our NHS learners, who despite continuing to work through the pandemic and putting themselves and loved ones at risk, have gained new qualifications that will help them progress in their careers and personal profession.


Job title: Outpatient Receptionist

Course studied: Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration

“In March 2020 everyone was told to stay home, but continuing to work in the most vulnerable sectors with little protection made it even scarier. We had to keep providing our great NHS service alongside the constant worry of taking the virus home to our vulnerable relatives.

Communities really came together and supported us, it hasn’t felt real. It’s been a long haul but thanks to the protection we were able to put in place and the vaccines now being given, let’s hope we finally have it under control.

I needed to further my education to progress within my department so I chose this course to help me understand the business needs.”


Job title: Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor)

Course studied: Level 2 Certificate in Common Health Conditions and Leading and Motivating a Team CPD

“Working for the past year has been challenging to say the least, not just practically but mentally too. A lot of my colleagues were either shielding or had conditions that meant it was unsafe to visit people at home. There were times I felt very stressed and anxious about going into people’s homes, even when wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment), but I had good support from my trust which really helped me a lot.

I chose to study these courses for a couple of reasons, one because I was interested in the subjects and two for my sanity! Studying helped me focus on something else other than the pandemic, and these courses will help me in my job role to support colleagues and to be a better practitioner.”


Job title: Speech and Language Therapist for Adult Inpatients

Course studied: Level 2 Certificate in Falls Prevention

“I have worked in the hospital throughout the pandemic which I found especially tough in the January wave. We were often asked to come in on our days off to help cover for staff who were off sick with Covid or having to self-isolate, so I worked extra shifts in the wards and as a care assistant during this time alongside my normal Speech Therapy job. Working in different roles on the wards has really made me appreciate what the ward staff do on a daily basis, how close the teams are and how they look out for each other.

I have recently taken on another role as Care Home Clinical Facilitator which requires me to assist with the upskilling of Care Home staff and implement new procedures. Part of this includes me teaching staff about minimising the risk of falls, so increasing my knowledge with the Level 2 in Falls Prevention has been a tremendous help. It is a really comprehensive course.”

We’re proud of all our learners, but today especially our NHS learners, staff and healthcare workers.

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NHS staff and healthcare workers, thank you. 💙

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