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Helping a Learner to Level Up with The Skills Network

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

Here at The Skills Network, people are our superpower!

It’s no surprise to anyone that we talk about ‘levelling up’ a lot here at The Skills Network. It’s kind of our favourite thing to talk about, and we like to think we are pretty good at helping our learners to achieve it! But what does it really mean to level up and why should it matter? To help provide a fresh and personal perspective to the phrase is our next guest blogger from The Skills Network team, Kimberley Morton. Knowing where to get career advice, how to change careers or how to get career guidance can be daunting, but Kim and her team are here to help every step of the way.

The floor is yours, Kim…..

My name is Kim and I am the Learning Experience Manager at The Skills Network

I support and manage the Careers and Employability Advisors to deliver outstanding career coaching, and guidance, by providing CV help and cover letter support, mock interviews, professional development plans and deliver careers workshops.

We work closely with all departments at The Skills Network, including the Skills Bootcamps team, where we work with learners to prepare for their guaranteed interview. We help Skills Bootcamps candidates develop soft skills, write a cv and effectively prepare for their future interviews. Anything around individuals' careers or progression opportunities, the Careers and Employability team are there to support.

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To me, levelling up with The Skills Network means seeing learners achieve their goals with drive and ambition, take on new opportunities and learn new skills that are individual to their needs.

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One thing that always sticks in my mind when we talk about developing a career, is if you can imagine your younger self and ask…….

What did you want to be when you grew up?

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Now think about why this was the case, what were the influencing factors making this decision, and who possibly were your role models?

Personally, I wanted to be a sports physio, yes a little bit different to the role I am in today!

The reason for this was that when I was growing up, my family were very sporty; at school, PE was my favourite subject and at the time I looked up to my PE teacher as a role model. As I started to improve and advance academically in PE, I soon came to realise this was not the path I wanted to pursue anymore.

I was then given the opportunity to start a new role with The Skills Network.

I started to find my true passion in supporting others on their path to levelling up in their own careers with The Skills Network’s wide range of e-learning courses. I really enjoy supporting our learners via the careers service and providing the resources and guidance they need to pursue their own potential career paths.

Sometimes, levelling up can be challenging.

It can mean stepping out of your comfort zone and building a plan of smart targets on how you are going to reach your goals. This is where we come in to support our learners in building a personalised career development plan.

In these bespoke career development plans, we look at different ways the learner could level up and pursue suitable career opportunities. This might be academic via one of our online courses, growing their professional network on platforms such as LinkedIn, or maybe even finding the right mentor for them and their needs.

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The team and I are there to speak to our learners who are wanting to take their careers to the next level, explore a career change or are perhaps just getting started. We are always keen to understand what the learner wants to achieve and what we can do to support them.

We love to see our learners succeed.

Levelling up can also take time and the end goal may change depending on the influences around the individual. For example, a learner may have already identified an interest in a specific subject or sector.

It’s common to discover on our initial calls with learners that they already have a sector in mind that they would like to pursue a career in, such as Health and Social Care. So, they start to study in that subject area and then often, they further specialise their studies in topics such as dementia care or mental health, which is where we can then help to guide them on how to upskill to achieve success in their chosen career path.

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Driving our learners to level up and achieve their goals is why I love my job.

It's great to see our learners succeed on the career path they have been working so hard towards.

Thanks for sharing Kim!

In addition to our dedicated team of careers and progression advisors at The Skills Network, we also offer an extensive range of fully online courses and accredited qualifications for anyone looking to develop their employability skills.

Courses include:

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