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Celebrating Global Never Give Up Day

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

In the iconic words of record-breaking baseball player, Babe Ruth, “It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up”.

Never Give Up Day is celebrated annually on August 18th. It is a global celebration, focused on encouraging a mindset of determination. The day not only applauds people for reaching their goals, but also supports those who are still trying to.

Achieving your goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment is vital to a person’s well-being. Studies have proven that people with a strong sense of purpose, persistence and accomplishment perform better at work. The Skills Network are committed to provide learners with the support they need to never give up and the opportunity to reap the proven benefits of achievement.

Whether it is getting the qualifications you want to progress further or simply perfecting that all-important handstand technique, the determination to never give up can help you keep going and ultimately, achieve your goals.

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Let's get involved!

We encourage you to get involved on Thursday 18th August in any way you can. Share your very own inspiring ‘never give up’ moment on social media or simply continue to support a friend who might need some encouragement.

The Skills Network are proud to celebrate Global ‘Never Give Up Day’ this August, after all, we love to see our learners achieve on the daily! 😉

If you’re already learning with us, then turn up the volume on our motivational playlist and keep going, you’re doing great!

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