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Building Quality Online Experiences for Learners: A Poem

Details: Written by Kelly Worsnop |

We recently attended the AELP National Conference 2022, where our CEO Mark Dawe ran two workshops around "Building Quality Online Experiences for Learners".

During these workshops, we asked the audience three questions, and wanted a creative way to capture the answers and workshop as a whole. So, we recruited expert creative writer, Andy Craven-Griffiths, to work his magic!

Here’s what he had to say…

What does quality mean to you?

Quality means being the Ronaldo of blended learning,

Adaptable as Lionel Messi, twisting and turning.

It needs to deliver purpose and have a simple process.

Rolls Royce-like quality, world class standards, no less.

If it’s dull as dish water, then boredom’ll destroy it.

It needs to entertain like PlayStation, you’ve got to enjoy it.

How do you meet the needs of the learner online?

You need to meet online needs like a contortionist, be flexible,

Learning while you’re on the bus, while you’re chopping vegetables.

You can support decent content, with online resources

To fit the learners' needs, it’s horses for courses.

Trying to meet diverse needs of all those pixelated faces.

Linked up on phones and laptops, in a million different places,

It needs to suit all walks of life; the builder, the factory worker,

The key thing being to help to take your skill set further.

People want purpose, to be stepping up a ladder,

Tracking progress on a map helps you see why it matters.

What are the biggest challenges when it comes to online delivery?

You might lack the confidence to use content, to want to talk,

The chatterboxes might make others scared of sharing a thought.

There’s no time like the present, it’s tricky keeping up to date,

Especially in tech, you need to adapt, no time to wait.

Collaborating can be difficult compared to the ‘flesh to flesh’ of old.

Like a Rubix cube passed back and forth, it’s a big problem to solve.

It can be tricky on mute, wondering if anybody’s listening.

Sometimes with cameras off, it’s like testifying with no witnessing.

Or else people lack equipment, the people in digital poverty

Who find an iPad alien, a David Bowie-esque space-age oddity.