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5 Ways Skills Bootcamps Can Make Your Team Top Of The Class

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

Have you ever heard the phrase 'every day is a school day'? Well, it's true! You really can learn new skills, no matter what environment you are in. And no, we don't just mean educational environments like schools or colleges. Perhaps your office staff could benefit from some online digital skills training. Maybe you're looking to recruit and fill skills gaps in your team with high-quality local talent. This blog will demonstrate 5 key ways that our fully online Skills Bootcamps can help your business secure the skills and talent it needs to succeed. From free recruitment services to funded sector-specific skills training for your current employees, Skills Bootcamps are a surefire way to get your workforce firing on all cylinders- fast.

What are Skills Bootcamps?

arrow in the centre of a dart board- sector specific staff training

Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 12-16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview or progress in their current role as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, helping everyone gain skills for life.

Skills Bootcamps provide a flexible and vigorous educational experience tailored to build sector-specific skills at an accelerated rate.

Each week, your employees can immerse themselves in live online face-to-face lessons with a cohort and industry-qualified tutor. These lessons aren’t just part of the curriculum; they’re an essential and engaging experience.

The Skills Network are the leading national provider of government-funded Skills Bootcamps and currently offers:

  • Cyber Security Skills Bootcamp
  • Data Analysis Skills Bootcamp
  • IT Infrastructure Skills Bootcamp
  • Software Development Skills Bootcamp
  • Technical Service Desk Skills Bootcamp
  • Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp
  • Care Skills Bootcamp
  • Sustainability Skills Bootcamps

*All courses listed are available for enrolment at the time of publishing. Please enquire today on 01757 606648 to learn more.

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5 Ways Skills Bootcamps can Benefit your Business

  1. Skills Bootcamps are up to 90% funded by the government
  2. Work cost-effectively and maximise your staff learning and development budget with The Skills Network’s Skills Bootcamps. The average cost of training a new UK employee is £1530 according to

    Each of our Skills Bootcamp courses is worth an average of £2500 per learner, but through our access to government funding, we can deliver this high-quality online training to your business for as little as £250.

1 penny sterling coin productivity at work

  1. Skills Bootcamps fit around existing work schedules
  2. Thanks to the flexible online learning delivery model, your staff can go back to school as an adult, with no interruption to regular work patterns.

    During the enrollment process, your employees have the chance to choose their preferred lesson times, which will remain consistent week to week, ensuring a seamless fit into fixed working schedules and commitments.

  1. Skills Bootcamps fill skills gaps via training and recruitment
  2. Our courses are designed with employers to tackle the widening skills gap across the UK with targeted and intensive industry-specific training.

    Skills gaps can have a negative impact on the productivity of businesses. When employers cannot find workers with the right skills, it can lead to inefficiencies and reduced competitiveness.

    Skills Bootcamps not only help your business achieve its goals, but you’ll also raise your business profile by bringing in-demand skills such as digital skills to your local community.

Interview our skilled learners and fill your vacancies at no cost

  1. Skills Bootcamps allow businesses to recruit candidates for the skills they need
  2. By choosing to work with a trusted national provider of Skills Bootcamps, your business can gain access to our entire talent pipeline.

    All our candidates have been pre-screened and rigorously tested over a 12-16 week intensive programme. The Skills Bootcamp eligibility criteria mean we work with plenty of candidates who have years of relevant experience already. Our expert Skills Bootcamps team can facilitate the candidate sourcing and job interview process using your unique criteria.

    Now let’s get one thing clear.

    We are not a recruiter. There are no fees when you successfully hire one of our incredible Skills Bootcamps candidates.

retention rated rise by u to 50% in companies with a strong learning culture

  1. Skills Bootcamps improve staff retention
  2. Not only do Skills Bootcamps help boost team productivity, they can bolster your staff retention strategy. Our Skills Bootcamps offer your staff an opportunity to upskill and progress within their current place of employment.

    A mid-range position exit costs a UK business on average 20% of the employee’s salary to replace them. Investing in workforce development will futureproof your business in a rapidly changing labour market and develop a loyal and talented workforce with the skills you need.

    What are the Benefits of Skills Bootcamps?

    We know that Skills Bootcamps have a positive impact on both individuals and employers in equal measure.

    Learner benefits:

    • Learn new skills at no cost
    • A guaranteed job interview if the individual is out of work or wants to change careers.
    • Individuals can study from home and pick when they want to learn.
    • Engaging learner content developed by industry experts.
    • Expert tutors are there to help learners succeed.
    • Boost knowledge, skills, and confidence for future progression.
    • Careers and progression advice.

    Take a look at Sonja’s experience as a Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp learner.

    Skills Bootcamps Learner Case Study

    Employer benefits:

    • Build or enhance a team of skilled and loyal workers quickly.
    • Save time and money on hiring by getting the right skills from the start.
    • Gain access to a pool of local skilled job interview candidates at no cost.
    • Deliver sector-specific workforce training at a minimal cost to your L&D budget.
    • Future-proof your business with the skills you need in a rapidly changing labour market.
    • Upskill your employees so they can move up within the company, and retain talent.
    • An opportunity to partner with The Skills Network and develop customised training programmes tailored to meet your specific business needs.

    Listen to what an employer has to say about the positive business impact of Skills Bootcamps.

    Employer testimonial for Digital Marketing Skills Bootcamp

    In the last 5 minutes, we have highlighted 5 key ways that The Skills Networks' wide range of Skills Bootcamps courses can benefit your business.

    To recap…

    1. Cost-effective staff skills training

    They’re funded by the government Skills for Life fund.

    2. Flexible to fit around existing work patterns

    Choose the best time to learn.

    3. An efficient way to fill skills gaps

    Courses can be completed in just 12-16 weeks.

    4. Free candidate sourcing for your vacancies

    Interview our Skills Bootcamps learners with no hiring fees.

    5. Improved staff retention

    Support career growth and retain talent in your business.

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