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5 thoughts to reflect on this A-level results day

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

After a long wait, young people around the country get their A-level results today!

With recent research highlighting that between 15% and 35% of young people experience results day anxiety, The Skills Network are here to support with your results day worries.

Didn’t get the results you were hoping for?

Navigating adversity is one of life’s greatest lessons and a universal experience, felt by even the most successful people you know.

Adversity looks different on everyone, but we’re here to tell you why there’s more to take home today than just the grades on your results day paper:

  1. Learning is a lifelong process. You might feel like the results you receive this August are set to determine your future career prospects, but with research showing that between the ages of 18 and 24, people change jobs an average of 5.7 times (1), there’s plenty of time to carry on your learning!

  2. You’ll gain multiple desirable soft skills. As more job activities become automated, the invaluable role of soft skills is increasingly recognised by the employer. Soft skills, such as empathy, adaptability, optimism, self-motivation and resilience have become crucial factors for success in the post covid job market. (2)

  3. It’s an opportunity. If today’s grades have thrown a curveball, it’s a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect on what you really want. Thomas Edison took 10,000 attempts to perfect the lightbulb, there’s plenty of time to carry on your learning!

  4. Focusing on grades alone can be limiting. Research shows that prioritising good grades limits our ability to learn. It discourages academic risk-taking, creativity and engagement and as a result, students can lose their desire to learn. (3)

  5. It’s easier than ever to return to learning. Learning continues throughout your lifetime and thanks to remote learning technology, as well as a range of funding streams, choosing to learn as an adult has never been easier. The Skills Network have over 45 fully funded courses across 13 sectors for you to choose from, available for free to all.

Check out our website HERE to learn more about AEB funded courses today.

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