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3 In-Demand Skills Straight From the Bridgerton Era

Details: Written by Kate Hutchinson |

In honour of Bridgerton season 3 being announced last week, we thought we’d have a little fun here at The Skills Network HQ. So indulge us this one time ……

My esteemed Lords and Ladies,

As your devoted deliverer of insight and news from the educational realm, I have taken it upon myself to put digital quill to pixelated paper and reveal the 3 most beguiling and scintillating skills that captured the attention of learners during the Regency period and what free online courses The Skills Network offers in the 21st Century. After all, in this digital age, education is no longer confined to dusty libraries and parchment by candlelight. The Skills Network continues to be a beacon of enlightenment, offering a plethora of accessible online courses that promise to shape minds and refine skills in ways befitting the modern era. So, dear reader, fasten your metaphorical seatbelts and prepare to embark on a journey through the corridors of educational intrigue.

yours in the pursuit of knowledge, Lady Upskilling

1) Socialising Skills

In season 1 of Bridgerton, there was a total of 11 lavish balls featured and the Bridgerton and Featherington girls wouldn’t have had a shot at becoming the ‘diamond of the season’ without a healthy dose of socialising skills.

The art of conversation, adherence to etiquette, and participation in formal events such as royal balls and high tea were all crucial skills for members of ‘the ton’ in Regency Britain.

Socialising in the 1800’s might look like this:

Public Assemblies and Balls:

  • These occasions provided an opportunity for individuals to meet, dance, and engage in polite conversation.
  • Dance cards were commonly used allowing attendees to schedule dances with specific partners.

Morning Calls:

  • Morning calls were a popular pastime where members of the upper classes would make short visits to the homes of friends, acquaintances and even potential suitors!
  • Engaging in clever, well-mannered dialogue was considered a social skill and an opportunity to showcase their conversational abilities.
  • These visits were expected to be brief, and the guests would leave calling cards as a form of social acknowledgement.

Letter Writing:

  • Maintaining regular correspondence played a vital role in socialising at all class levels.
  • Letter writing was an art, and individuals exchanged letters to maintain societal connections, convey sentiments, and extend invitations.

fast forward to the 21st century

Fast-forward to the 21st Century………

In 2023, it’s no surprise that socialising skills (even in the digital age) are still pretty crucial.

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2) Team Leading Skills

9th Viscount Anthony Bridgerton had his work cut out as head of the household following his father’s untimely death, grappling with societal pressures and family responsibilities.

The Bridgerton Family as portraits

In the Regency period, upper-class men who happened to be the eldest siblings were set to inherit huge wealth and land upon the death of their fathers.

Like Anthony, upper-class men of the 1800s were also responsible for protecting and maintaining their entire family’s reputational wealth. In practice, this meant acting as the de facto team leader for the entire family.

Responsibilities of an eldest upper-class male would include:

  • Overseeing the well-being and reputations of his younger siblings
  • Ensuring the proper education of his siblings
  • Making decisions that uphold the family's social standing in high society
  • Managing and protecting the family finances
  • Arranging suitable and strategic alliances for marriage

fast forward to the 21st century

Fast-forward to the 21st Century………

Thankfully, in the 21st century, eldest male siblings are less likely to be involved in our love lives and finances!

On the other hand, over 200 years later, team leading remains one of the most in-demand skills across the globe.

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3) Language Skills

Eloise Bridgerton, the 5th sibling in the Bridgetron family is known for her sharp wit, independent spirit and keen interest in intellectual pursuits.

Eloise will have been expected to learn both Latin and Greek, as these languages were the key to mastering classical literature and philosophical works.

books and feather quills in ink pots

There were two main ways to learn Latin in the Regency period:

1.Take classes at one of the many schools that offered Latin instruction

2.Study Latin independently using books

Schools that offered Latin as one of their subjects typically followed a traditional grammar-translation method. Students would learn the rules of Latin grammar and then apply them to translate Latin texts into their own language.

fast forward to the 21st century

Fast-forward to the 21st Century………

Latin is still a valuable language to learn today, as it is the basis of many modern languages and provides insights into Western culture and thought.

However, times have changed and we now live in the digital age. So it is no surprise that new essential languages have been developed over the last 200 years to programme computers to perform certain tasks and sequences.

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dearest readers,

In an era defined by corsets and carriages, the Regency period demanded many skills for those of ‘the ton’. This wondrous blog has waltzed its way through 3 crucial skills required of an aspiring diamond of the season or gentleman in high society. The dance of time may have changed its tempo over the last 200 years, but the essential skills that once adorned the lords and ladies of the past are not as different as one might think. Let us carry forward the lessons of the past and consider The Skills Network as your guiding companion in the journey of self-improvement.

till I log on again, Lady Upskilling

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