Learner Journey


We understand that you want the best possible online employee training for your staff and we are here to minimise the effect on your time and resources; taking complete ownership of the whole process. From developing high quality learning resources, to dedicated Tutors and Learning Support Advisors guiding learners throughout their journey, enabling learners to reach their goal is our ultimate aim.

This is how we do it:


    Learner meets eligibility criteria and completes the application process. An enrolment pack is issued to the learner, including an Individual Learner Plan (ILP) and submission dates.


    Learner receives a survey regarding their enrolment process, allowing them to feed back on their initial experience.


    Learners are assigned a dedicated Learner Support Advisor (LSA), who will email the learner to welcome them onto their course. This reaffirms with the learner the following information provided during their enrolment:

    • All details are correct
    • Learner handbook has been received
    • Clarification of submission dates
    • The chosen learning method
    • All relevant resources have been received.

    Learners will receive a welcome call from their LSA to introduce themselves and officially welcome them onto their course. During this call, the LSA will ensure all details provided are correct and that the learner has received all of the necessary information and materials needed to start learning.


    Once the learner has their login and/or paper-based resource and all of their relevant information, they will begin their learning.


    Once a learner submits their work (per unit), they will be notified of receipt. This will then be sent to their Tutor and the learner will receive detailed feedback within seven days via both email and post, outlining whether they have passed their unit or have been referred.


    The learner’s LSA will contact them once every two weeks to ensure they are progressing with their learning. This continues throughout the duration of their course. Contact may be made regarding the following:

    • Upcoming submissions
    • Overdue submissions
    • Learner surveys
    • A general ‘check-in’ to ensure everything is ok from the learner’s perspective.

    The learner completes all of their units, utilising both their specialist support and resources and proceeding to submit their work to the agreed deadlines.


    Learner receives a second survey, allowing them to feed back on their overall learning experience.


    Upon passing all of their units, the learner has now achieved their qualification. The learner is notified of their achievement and their certificate is sent – the learner has gained a nationally recognised qualification!

For more information about the learner’s journey, contact us on 01757 600 915 to speak to a member of our support team.

Employer journey

While the learner is at the centre of all we do, we know the importance of keeping you up to date along every step of the journey.We do this by:

Organising and confirming all enrolment session information with you.

Contacting you within fourteen days of the enrolment session to welcome you to working with The Skills Network. Here you will find out who your central point of contact is, have the opportunity to ask any questions and be invited to take our ‘Employer Survey’ which we use to gain feedback on the enrolment session and process so far.

We will then send you ‘Employee Progress Reports’ every eight weeks with the option for you to request these monthly from your Senior Learning Support Advisor.

For more information about how we work with you as the employer,
please contact us on 01757 600 707 to speak to a member of our team.