Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress

Some studies have claimed that up to 70% of visits to GPs are for conditions that are related to stress. This is a major issue that people suffer with on a day to day basis, but don’t necessarily know how to deal with.

This short, auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand the impact and key issues surrounding stress.

A great addition to your CV to show your commitment to health and social care, this is also beneficial for general knowledge.

Completed online with auto-marked assessments, this programme can be completed in your own time.

  • Place of study: Learn from home
  • Type of course: Online distance learning course with no exams
  • Course duration: An average of 2 hours.

Full tutor and customer service support will be provided throughout the course.

Course Online Sample

Online Sample

Section 1: The definition of stress

In this section, learners understand the definition of stress, the causes and effects of stress and internal and external demands of stress and how these can be managed.

Section 2: Causes of stress

Learners will examine in greater detail the causes of stress, stress in the workplace and the general fear or feeling of lack of control.

Section 3: The effects of stress

In this section, learners will identify the physical effects of stress, the body’s reaction to stress and the possible effects it can have on our health.

Section 4: Internal and external demands in daily life that can cause stress

Learners will cover in more detail the internal and external demands in daily life that can cause stress.

Section 5: Stress management and support

This section introduces the steps that can be taken to reduce demands in life that can lead to stress.



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