CPD DSE Risk Assessment

This DSA training course will enable your employees to understand DSE risk assessments, including the importance of them, how to control risks from DSE workstations and how to carry out a DSE risk assessment. It is ideal for staff looking to improve their health and safety knowledge at work.

Section 1: The importance of DSE risk assessments

This section will help your employees understand the reasons for conducting DSE assessments, the problems that may occur when working with DSE and the legal requirements that come under health and safety legislation.

Section 2: Controlling the risks from DSE workstations

In this section, your employees will understand the principles of a good DSE workstation, will be able to identify causes of ill health from DSE use and make corrections to workstation designs to control risks.

Section 3: Carrying out a DSE risk assessment

This section helps your employees understand the stages of a DSE risk assessment, what should be covered in the risk assessment and when to review a DSE risk assessment.

Benefits of this DSE training course:

  • Employees can learn from their own home, in their own time
  • Employees get access to award-winning learning and assessment materials.
  • Once your employees have completed this course, they could progress on to the following:

    Key Information

    Course Price £30.00
    Course Length 4 hours
    Learning Method(s)

    Online learning
    materials with
    online assessment

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