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Preparing learners for life

Essentials is a course created to support the delivery of the tutorial and broader pastoral programme. This course Employability, Self Development and Social Awareness.

This programme is a cost-effective way for colleges to deliver their tutorial programmes, whilst meeting the demanding requirements of the common inspection framework.

Key points:

  • Supports traineeships and study programmes
  • Auto-marked assessments
  • Bite-sized autonomous learning
  • Supplements any course of study
  • Easily accessible
  • Large subject range
  • Detailed tracking of learner progress.


Within this zone, learners will gain knowledge of why they should develop themselves and their strengths, and are introduced to the search skills and discover how to present information on a CV.

Self Development

In the Self Development zone learners will develop their study skills and learn how to organise their time effectively. Learners will also gain an understanding of what makes a healthy diet, and will develop their knowledge on the benefits of exercise and the dangers of alcohol and substance misuse.

Social Awareness

This zone encourages learners to think about their social behaviour and interactions with others. This includes gaining knowledge of equality and diversity, as well as how prejudice and discrimination affects others. Learners will also gain an understanding of different types of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety.