CPD Performance Management

Would any of your learners benefit from completing one of our online management training courses?

This short, auto-marked programme will build your learners’ knowledge of the core skills needed to manage performance and underperformance and to give feedback in the workplace.

Upon completion of this course, your learners could progress on to one of our other online management training courses, such as Organising and Delegating, or the Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading.

Section 1: The importance of effective performance management

In this section, your learners will cover formal and informal performance assessment in the workplace and the line manager’s role in performance management.

Section 2: How to manage the performance of individuals in the team

Your learners will cover ways of ensuring that fair and objective formal assessment takes place, how to set SMART objectives and performance standards for a team member, and how to measure performance.

Section 3: Feedback in the workplace

Your learners will discover the importance of feedback in improving performance and how to give feedback effectively.

Section 4: Managing underperformance

This section covers the potential areas of underperformance in the workplace and its causes, along with actions to restore performance to acceptable levels.

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