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Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

Would any of your learners benefit from studying a nutrition course? Distance learning makes it possible for your learners to study anytime, anywhere.

This qualification aims to provide your learners with the knowledge needed to support a healthy lifestyle and enhance their knowledge of a balanced diet, including key facts about nutrition. This course contains six units, in which your learners will explore the principles of healthy eating, consider the nutritional needs of a variety of individuals, use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet, consider the principles of weight management and learn about eating disorders and principles of food safety for the home environment.

As with this nutrition course, distance learning is available for all our courses, so your learners could progress on to study our Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes, or our Level 2 Certificate in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition.

Unit 1: Explore the principles of healthy eating

In this unit your learners will explore healthy diets and how a person’s diet affects their health. They will also look at lifestyle diseases, the role of different nutrients, how to plan a healthy meal and how to prepare food.

Unit 2: Consider nutritional needs of a variety of individuals

Within this unit your learner will learn about how nutritional needs vary with age and explore the needs of children and older people, as well as the special dietary requirements of certain groups. The factors that create barriers to healthy eating for individuals are also explained.

Unit 3: Use food and nutrition information to plan a healthy diet

Throughout this unit your learners will gain an awareness of the information placed on food labels and how this can be used to plan healthy meals and encourage a healthy diet. The advantages and disadvantages of food additives are explained, and learners will evaluate their own diet.

Unit 4: The principles of weight management

This unit explores the risks associated with ineffective weight management and effective methods of weight management. Your learners will look at how body image can influence weight management and will learn how to plan a short-term weight management programme.

Unit 5: Understanding eating disorders

Within this unit your learners will explore different eating disorders and their effect on health and well-being. This unit also provides an understanding of the connection between food and feelings and explains how to access information and support surrounding eating disorders.

Unit 6: Principles of food safety for the home environment

In this unit your learners will gain an understanding of how to handle food safely, avoid contamination and identify hazards. This unit also highlights the importance of personal hygiene when handling food.

Key Information

Course Length 126 hours
Awarding Body TQUK
Learning Method(s)

Paper based
learning materials
with online assessment

Paper based
learning materials and
paper based assessment

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Abby Jennings

1 month ago

"It's also free, which is brilliant!"

Abby decided to study this course to develop her current knowledge of employee well-being. She has now completed her third course with us, and plans to provide other colleagues with her newly found knowledge.

'In my job I focus on employee well-being, so I have taken a few courses that will give me more knowledge to help others on this topic. It's also free, which is brilliant!'
'I've done three courses and they've been easy to follow, had good timelines, and are free and informative.'

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