Level 1 Essentials: Digital Skills

The qualification is aimed at learners looking to develop the digital skills needed for life, work or further study in accordance with national standards. At Level 1, the focus is primarily on digital skills for work with a secondary focus on digital skills for life, but these are applicable across both life and work settings.

Specific assessment requirements: The majority of questions in this course are file upload questions, where learners need to upload screenshots or documents as requested to show what they have done.

This course is split into 6 manageable units: 

Unit 1: Using devices and handling information

  • Section 1: Using devices and handling information
  • Section 2: Finding and evaluating information
  • Section 3: Managing and storing information
  • Section 4: Identifying and solving technical problems
  • Section 5: Developing digital skills.

Unit 1 summary:

In this unit, learners will look at using devices and handling information using different systems, as well as how to search for reliable information. They will also learn how to manage and store information on devices, identify and solve common technical problems and develop their digital skills.

Unit 2: Creating and editing

  • Section 1: Creating and editing documents
  • Section 2: Creating and editing digital media
  • Section 3: Processing numerical data.

Unit 2 summary:

Learners will look at how to format and edit text, graphics and tables in documents, as well as how to capture, save and edit digital media. They will also learn how to process, format and chart numerical data

Unit 3: Communicating

  • Section 1: Communicating
  • Section 2: Managing traceable online activities.

Unit 3 summary:

Learners will learn about types of communication, sharing information, contexts and audiences, as well as how to manage their digital footprint and online identity.

Unit 4: Transacting

  • Section 1: Transacting.

Unit 4 summary:

In this unit, learners will learn about online payments and transactions.

Unit 5: Being safe and responsible online

  • Section 1: Being safe online
  • Section 2: Being responsible online
  • Section 3: Digital well-being.

Unit 5 summary:

In this unit, learners will look at protecting their privacy, personal information, data and devices, as well as how to behave and communicate appropriately online. They will also learn about physical and psychological health risks and stress, and how to avoid these.

Unit 6: Assessment

Unit 6 summary:

In this unit, learners will look at an overview of information for their assessment.

The benefits of this course include:

  • Access engaging online content focused on the personal development, behaviour and attitudes of learners
  • Use as a flipped learning model to ensure tutors spend more time ob higher order, applied, contextualised learning to develop ‘depth’
  • Auto-assessed questions – no need for tutor marking
  • Auto-certification – personalise your students certificate
  • Huge cost savings on standard tutorial delivery.
  • Track, monitor and evidence student work
  • Support learners develop a breadth of knowledge for their future career and life

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