CPD Principles of Weight Management

Unlike other weight management courses, this programme aims to help your learners develop their understanding of the principles of managing weight, including the risks associated with this, how body image may influence weight management, effective methods of weight management and planning a short weight management programme.

This course covers information not found in other weight management courses. The following topics are discussed in depth:

Section 1: The risks associated with ineffective weight management

In this section, your learners will learn about terms relating to ineffective weight management, recognise health risks associated with obesity and emaciation and learn about the signs of malnourishment.

Section 2: How body image may influence weight management

Within this section, your learners will understand the meaning of the term ‘body image’ and cover media portrayal of body image and its effect on weight management.

Section 3: Effective methods of weight management

This section covers the role of a balanced diet and the meaning of the term ‘energy balance’. Your learners will also cover weight management programmes, lifestyle choices and the common myths about weight loss.

Section 4: Planning a short weight management programme

In this section your learners will learn how to plan their own programmes, identify goals and collect information.

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