Business Growth and Improvement within Leisure and Tourism

This leisure and tourism course aims to provide your learners with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to grow and improve a business in the leisure and tourism industry. It will also equip learners with core knowledge on subject areas including marketing theory, digital marketing and social media – essential skills in an ever-growing technological environment.

The scope of topics covered within this leisure and tourism course are ideal for learners who wish to develop and progress their career and enhance their skill set.

Unit 1: Principles of marketing theory

This unit will provide your learners with knowledge on segmentation of markets including customer classifications, how to cluster customers with similar characteristics, data collection methods and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities and systems. Learners will also cover the role of marketing when enhancing the sales of products and services, customer loyalty, performance indicators, evaluation arrangements and the significance of brand and reputation to sales performance. Furthermore, the unit provides understanding of the principles of socially responsible marketing, the importance of involving stakeholders and core values.

Unit 2: Principles of digital marketing

Within this unit learners will gain an understanding of the role of digital marketing within overall marketing strategy, as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the requirements of marketing research using the internet. This unit will also provide learners with knowledge on the uses of digital marketing devices and messages, as well as how to use digital technology for marketing purposes.

Unit 3: Introduction to social media channels

This unit will provide learners with an understanding of social media channels and how to use them to engage with an audience. Learners will also discover how to create a social media identity.

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