MOT Tester Annual Training – Class 1 and 2 (Learning Materials and Assessment)


There were 38.8 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain in September 2020. 82.2% of those vehicles were cars, and 3.5% were motorbikes. All licensed vehicles in Great Britain require an MOT inspection once a year.

This course aims to provide you with the necessary training to stay up to date with the requirements of MOT testing.

Please note: This course includes the learning materials and assessments.

This course covers Class 1 and 2 vehicles:

  • Module 1: New technology
  • Module 2: Test procedures
  • Module 3: MOT testing requirements
  • Module 4: Corrosion and standards of repair.


In this course, you will look at new technology in relation to motorcycles, including hybrid, hydrogen and electric vehicles. You will also look at test procedures, MOT testing requirements, and how to access corrosion and standards of repair in relation to motorcycles.

The benefits of this course include:

  • Fully prepares you for MOT testing
  • Delivered via distance learning, allowing you to choose when and where to study
  • Engaging and interactive activities that stretches your thinking and helps to put your new, extended knowledge into practice
  • Study will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence around crucial MOT testing topics, to enhance their future work, everyday life and employability
  • Personalised learning support from our excellent team of Learner Support Advisors
  • Support with your future progression through our Careers and Progression Coordinators.

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