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CPD Social Responsibility of Businesses in Relation to Sustainability

Course Overview

Social responsibility in business is becoming increasingly important, not only for the environment but also to consumers looking to buy from responsible companies.

This course covers a variety of topics including what corporate social responsibility is, a definition of greenwashing and why the triple bottom line is more important now than ever before.

Learn more about the growing demand for Green Skills

Learn more about how we can achieve net-zero by 2050

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Unit 1: Social responsibility of businesses in relation to sustainability

  • The definition of the term ‘corporate social responsibility’
  • Why social responsibility in businesses for sustainability is important
  • Reasons why businesses might take action to improve their social responsibility
  • The definition of the term ‘triple bottom line’
  • How the triple bottom line can impact on sustainability
  • What the term ‘greenwashing’ means
  • How greenwashing impacts on society
  • Organisational implications of greenwashing

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