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CPD Marketing Personal Brand

Course Overview

When most people think about personal brand, they probably think about social media stars, bloggers and celebrities on YouTube, Instagram and elsewhere, but that’s a limited perspective. Everyone can market their own personal brand and outwardly communicate that brand to the world- whether it be appearance, body language, a CV or online presence.

This Marketing personal brand short course will explore the ways in which a learner can utilise free resources to present themselves online. Evaluate the commitment required to establish your own personal online presence as well as choosing a suitable platform that is relevant for your subject matter expertise or chosen pathway. Learners will gain an understanding of how to create a personal website on Wordpress as well as how to craft and outline an opinion piece that could be used in a personal blog.

This short course is perfect for graduates or anybody who is looking to improve their employability prospects.

Key Information

Course Length
4 hours

Course Level
Level CPD

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

For Individuals


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    Section 1: Free resources to present yourself online

    • Evaluate the commitment required to establishing your personal online presence
    • Choose the platform that is most suitable to your pathway or subject matter expertise.

    Section 2: Create a personal website

    • Create a one-page WordPress website.

    Section 3: Writing a blog post

    • Outline an opinion piece that could be used in a personal blog.

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