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Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health

Course Overview

This mental health course will enable you to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of mental health and well-being. It will equip learners with the skills needed to work in mental health services, making it ideal for those who want to progress in the health and social care sector.

With increasing worries around each life stage, whether linked to exam pressure, work expectations, unemployment or financial difficulties, it is not surprising that individuals may struggle to cope with the demands of everyday life. Approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. This is why it is more important than ever before to increase our understanding of mental health in order to tackle this growing health concern and challenge the stigma attached to mental ill health.

This course is only funded in Scotland.

Key Information

Course Length
20 weeks

Course Level
Level 3

Awarding Body
(E-certificates upon achievement)

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

For Individuals


  • Fully online course
  • Study from anywhere, at any time
  • Gain an accredited level 3 qualification
  • Nationally recognised
  • Access to an award-winning e-learning platform
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Unlimited support from qualified tutors
  • Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion
  • No hidden costs

Cost and Funding Information

Course Price

Direct Debit

Funded Course
Scotland Only

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Unit 1: Understand the role of the mental health care worker

Section 1: Understand the role of reflective practice and how to evaluate and develop own skills and knowledge as part of continual professional development

Section 2: Understand the different roles and responsibilities relevant to those involved in providing mental health care

Unit 2: Understand mental health conditions in context

Section 1: Understand mental health principles

Section 2: Understand legislation in the context of mental health conditions

Section 3: Understand how campaigns and strategies can be used to promote mental well-being

Section 4: Understand attitudes towards mental health in society

Unit 3: Living with a mental health condition

Section 1: Understand how living with a mental health condition impacts on individuals

Section 2: Understand how families of individuals with mental health conditions are affected

Unit 4: Mental health conditions and destructive behaviour

Section 1: Why a person with a mental health condition might be vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and self-harm, the warning signs and how to support an individual who is contemplating suicide

Section 2: Understand the potential consequences for individuals who engage in self-destructive behaviour

Section 3: Understand why an individual with a mental health condition might engage in criminal activity and how the criminal justice system may impact on and protect those with mental health conditions

Section 4: Know how to support someone with a mental health condition who displays self-destructive behaviour

Unit 5: Understanding treatment of mental health conditions

Section 1: Understand the role of diagnosis and planning in the recovery process for individuals with a mental health condition

Section 2: Know a range of treatments available for individuals with mental health conditions

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