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Level 3 Certificate in Understanding the Principles of Dementia Care

Course Overview

Dementia is an illness that affects more and more people each year. It's important to have the skills, knowledge & understanding needed in order to help those who are affected by this terrible disease! You can find out how with our qualified dementia care courses which cover all aspects from diagnosis through to daily care.

Learning about dementia can be difficult. This course will help you understand the different types of this terrible disease and how to provide care that goes beyond just medication including personal interaction, communication skills training for family members or friends who may have been affected as well any formative treatment options available through care facilities near where they live if necessary.

This course is only funded in Scotland and is equivalent to a level 6 in Scotland based on the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework.

Learn more about how lifelong learning can help manage dementia

Key Information

Course Length
20 weeks

Course Level
Level 3

Awarding Body
(E-certificates upon achievement)

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

For Individuals


  • Fully online course
  • Study from anywhere, at any time
  • Gain an accredited level 3 qualification
  • Equivalent to a Scottish level 6 based on the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework
  • Nationally recognised
  • Access to an award-winning e-learning platform
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Unlimited support from qualified tutors
  • Receive a digital e-certificate upon completion
  • No hidden costs

Cost and Funding Information

Course Price

Direct Debit

Funded Course
Scotland Only

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Unit 1: Understanding dementia

Explore an introduction to common types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Study the causes, effects and risk factors of dementia and gain an understanding of the importance of early diagnosis.

Unit 2: Understand how person-centred approaches are used to underpin the care and support of individuals with dementia

Gain an understanding of the importance of person-centred care for individuals with dementia and consider how each individual’s experience of dementia is different and how they can be supported.

Unit 3: Principles of communication and interaction in dementia care and support

Explore an introduction to various ways in which individuals with dementia may communicate. Discover the factors that could influence interactions and communication, and develop an understanding of how communication is an effective part of caring for and supporting individuals with dementia.

Unit 4: Supporting positive interaction, occupation and activity in dementia care

Gain an understanding of the range and benefits of positive interactions in dementia care. Discover the importance of promoting identity and inclusion and investigate how individuals with dementia can engage in activities.

Unit 5: Principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in dementia care and support

Develop an understanding of the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion within the context of dementia care. This unit highlights how to recognise and challenge discrimination and oppressive practices.

Unit 6: Understand how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and rights

Learn how the rights of individuals with dementia are protected, and how to support individuals with dementia to exercise choice and make decisions involving carers and others.

Unit 7: Principles of the administration of medication and well-being of individuals with dementia

Explore the common medications that could be used for individuals with dementia and the actions to take in the event of side effects or adverse reactions.

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