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CPD Knife Crime Awareness CPD (Social Series)

Course Overview

The number of recorded murders carried out using a knife or sharp instrument in the UK currently stands at 40%.

Knife-enabled crime saw a 10% increase to 49,027 offences in the year ending March 2022, from 44,642 in the year ending March 2021. This Knife Crime Awareness CPD (Social Series) is valuable for anyone who is planning a career that requires an understanding of knife crime and is looking to gain a qualification in this. Develop a rounded awareness of knife crime, an understanding about why individuals choose to carry knives and how you can identify the signs of someone who may be involved in knife crime or the use of other offensive weapons. The course will explore how to support a reduction in knife crime and includes an extended presentation from anti-knife crime speaker Byron Highton, who tragically lost his own brother Jon-Jo in a fatal stabbing in 2014. The programme is suitable for those who desire to form a foundational knowledge due to little or no previous experience of Knife Crime Awareness.

Key Information

Course Length
2 hours

Course Level
Level CPD

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Online assessment

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    Section 1: The facts - Understand what knife crime is

    In this section, learners will cover the types of offensive weapons used in criminal activity, the law in relation to knives and offensive weapons and why individuals would carry knives.

    Section 2: The why - Understand why awareness of knife crime is important

    In this section, learners will explore statistics of knife crime in the UK, including statistics of youth knife crime and look into how knife crime is presented in the media.

    Section 3: Skillscast – An interview with Byron Highton: Founder of The JJ Effect

    This section is video content only.

    Section 4: The how - Understand how to support individuals when knife crime takes place

    In this section, learners will identify ways in which they can support the reduction in knife crime, understand where an individual would find support if they were a victim of knife crime, outline charities that they can signpost an individual and understand how to safeguard an individual who may be at risk of being persuaded to carry a knife.

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