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Health and Social Care Management Programme

Course Overview

This health and social care training course aims to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed in leadership and management. Learn management skills to lead and motivate a team, planning and allocating work and understanding discipline within the workplace. Develop core knowledge in the principles of team leading and decision-making.

This health and social care training course is unique as it develops an in-depth understanding of leadership, performance management, the induction of new staff and how to organise and delegate within the workplace.

Key Information

Course Length
87 hours

Course Level

Learning Method(s)
Online materials
Paper materials
Online assessment

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Unit 1: Principles of team leading

This unit provides an understanding of various leadership styles, developing knowledge of team dynamics and the essential techniques needed to manage a team’s workload effectively. This unit also covers the impact of change and how a motivated team affects an organisation.

Unit 2: Leading and motivating a team effectively

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to communicate an organisation’s vision and strategy to their team, motivate team members, establish a common sense of purpose, encourage commitment and develop team work.

Unit 3: Understanding performance management

Consider the value of formal and informal performance assessment in the workplace. Also develop knowledge of fair and objective assessment techniques, as well as methods used to set objectives and monitor performance against agreed standards.

Unit 4: Solving problems and making decisions

This unit introduces ways to recognise, investigate and analyse problems in order to resolve them using various techniques, such as creative thinking or brainstorming. Also discover the difference between data and information, and learn how to interpret these sources.

Unit 5: Planning and allocating work

Identify organisational targets relevant to a team, and learn how to set objectives, allocate work and monitor planned activity to achieve those targets. Gain an understanding of the possible causes of variance from planned activity and how to improve performance within a team.

Unit 6: Understanding leadership

Expand knowledge of leadership styles and consider the possible positive and negative effects of certain leadership styles within the workplace. Assess own leadership behaviours and potential by analysing them in context and gaining feedback.

Unit 7: Understanding discipline in the workplace

This unit covers the legal aspects of the disciplinary process and how to deal with issues using an organisation’s policies and procedures as a guide. Develop an understanding of the purpose of disciplinary procedures and identify the skills needed as a manager to monitor discipline in the workplace.

Unit 8: Understanding induction of new staff in the workplace

This unit highlights the importance of an effective induction for new starters, as well as the legal aspects which should be included in the induction process. Discover methods which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of an induction and how to monitor progress during the induction process.

Unit 9: Understanding organising and delegating in the workplace

Gain an understanding of how to make effective use of their team’s individual knowledge and skills to efficiently plan and achieve objectives. This unit introduces techniques which can be used to delegate, identify and overcome barriers to delegation, and will also focus on the benefits of empowerment in the workplace.

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