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CPD Developing Behaviour and Attitudes for Life and Work (Self Development)

Course Overview

Key soft skills that we typically develop during our education such as revision techniques, learning processes, critical thinking and long-term memory can all help you continue to succeed in a workplace setting.

These key skills and behaviours are just as valuable in employment because many areas of business improvement like process inefficiencies, management and finances can be improved by using skills such as analysis and critical thought. Because of this, employers value and seek out candidates who have demonstrated these core soft skills and behaviours.

This auto-marked and fully online essentials programme is especially well-suited towards colleges and will help individuals boost their general self-development in preparation for life beyond education.

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For Individuals


The benefits of this course include:

  • Learn from your own home, in your own time
  • Access to award-winning learning platform, resources and assessment materials
  • UK-based learner support network to guide you through your studies.

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Unit 1: Revision

  • Section 1: Understanding the demands of study and setting targets for study
  • Section 2: Effective revision techniques and practices
  • Section 3: Referencing styles
  • Section 4: Effective essay writing.

Unit 1 summary:

In this unit, learners will explore how to set targets and organise study time, as well as how to revise effectively. Learners will also look at the different styles of referencing, how to write an effective essay, and how to critically analyse literature.

Unit 2: Learning

  • Section 1: Techniques for effective learning
  • Section 2: Critical thinking
  • Section 3: Long-term memory development.

Unit 2 summary:

In this unit, learners will explore different techniques for effective and meaningful learning, as well as developing an understanding of mindfulness. Learners will also learn critical thinking skills and look at activities to develop long-term memory.

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