Online AAT Essentials
Budgeting Course

Now available via The Skills Network

Through a new joint venture, The Skills Network and AAT have developed a brand new online AAT Essentials budgeting course. This has been designed to upskill anyone who manages a budget but doesn’t necessarily work in finance!

This course is perfect for those who need a professional introduction to budgeting, as it provides guidance on how to prepare operational budgets, deal with costs, produce and forecast cash flows, and, ultimately, use budgets as a control mechanism. The course is also ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge around budgeting and accountancy for personal reasons. Furthermore, due to the delivery method, learning can take place at a time and place to suit you!

AAT is a registered charity. No. 1050724

This online course is only available
via The Skills Network

The course is split into
four manageable sections:

Section 1: An introduction to budgeting

  • What is a budget?
  • Benefits of budgeting.
  • Approaches to budget setting.

Section 2: Preparing operational budget

  • The types of budgets that can be prepared and their uses.
  • How to prepare operational budgets.

Section 3: Cash flow forecasting

  • The importance of cash flow forecasting.
  • How to prepare cash flow forecasts.
  • The role of the capital expenditure budget.

Section 4: Budgets as a control mechanism

  • How divisional performance can be evaluated using budgets.
  • What a variance is.
  • Possible causes of variances.

Learning method:

Online distance learning − online resources and online questions.

Course length:

Only four hours.

Auto-marked and auto-certified:

No waiting on questions to be marked, and you’ll receive a certificate automatically!


Access to resources 24/7 and 365-days a year, including interactive content, videos, case studies, and practice questions.