AAT Cash Flow Training Course

AAT Essentials: Cash Flow Management


Across all businesses, many senior job roles now require an understanding of cash flow management. Despite this, it is not uncommon for individuals in these roles to have had no official financial training or accounting experience before taking on these responsibilities.

Whether you are already in a role that requires knowledge of cash flow management, or are looking to progress into a role of this nature, this course will provide you with an introduction to managing cash flow and the essential knowledge that is required. The course will equip you with an understanding of the importance of cash, how to prepare a cash budget, how to control cash flows and evaluate performance, and how to improve cash flow using debtor management.

Who is suitable?

This qualification is aimed at anyone working in, or looking to work in, a role that involves managing cash flow. The course is ideal for anyone who has no previous financial training or accounting experience but requires this for their role or career, and for anyone who wants to increase their accountancy knowledge for personal reasons.

Section 1: The importance of cash

This section covers the following:

  • Why cash is vital to a business’s survival
  • How accounting profit differs from cash
  • Tools to assist with cash management

Section 2: Preparing a cash budget

This section covers the following:

  • The key components of a cash budget
  • How to prepare a cash budget
  • The effect of credit terms on the timing of cash flows

Section 3: Controlling cash flows and evaluating performance

This section covers the following:

  • How to monitor achievement of the cash budget
  • Investigating variances
  • Actions to implement to improve future performance

Section 4: Improving cash flow using debtor management

This section covers the following:

  • How to assess the risks of granting credit to customers
  • Processes to assess the creditworthiness of customers
  • Strategies to deal with late payers

The benefits of this course include:

  • Learn from your own home, in your own time
  • Auto-marked assessments
  • Access to award-winning learning and assessment materials
  • 1:1 Tutor support available via phone or email
  • Your own designated Learner Support Advisor to help you throughout the course
  • Great addition to your CV
  • Award-winning online AAT courses
  • Potential to progress on to one of our other accounting courses.

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