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Our Learner Journey

The Skills Network’s learning journey process is unique to the distance learning market.

The Skills Network’s learning journey process is unique to the distance learning market. A comprehensive support network through a learner’s course has seen over 100,000 learners achieve an accredited qualification with us. In 2020/21, our organisation had a 91% achievement rate.

The following steps are in place to ensure we provide the best possible user experience to our learners, allowing them to stay on track and succeed in their learning and development.

Step 1.


Once enrolled on a course, our learners will receive an enrolment pack which includes an individual learner plan and submission dates.

Step 2.

Learner Voice

After enrolment our learners receive a survey via email regarding their enrolment process, allowing them to feed back on their initial experience.

Step 3.

Welcome Email

As our learners get access to their course, they are assigned a dedicated Learner Support Advisor (LSA), who will email them to welcome them onto their course and confirm the following:

  • All details are correct
  • Learner handbook has been received
  • Clarification of submission dates
  • The chosen learning method
  • All relevant resources have been received
Step 4.

Welcome Call

You will receive a Welcome Call from your Learner Support Advisor. Here we explain what happens next and how your learning journey will go so it is important that you answer it and contact us if you have any further questions.

Step 5.

Diagnostics Assessment

Before our learners begin their learning they must undertake an assessment to determine their prior knowledge and skills. This will create their individualised learning program, allocating less time to the areas of the course they already have knowledge in, and more time to the areas they have the least knowledge in.

Step 6.

Get Started

Once our learners have their login details or paper-based learning materials and have completed their initial assessment, they can begin their course.

Step 7.


Each time our learners submit a piece of work (per unit), they will receive an email confirmation. Their work will be sent to their Tutor who will then provide detailed feedback within 7 days, outlining whether they have passed their unit or if they need to go back and spend more time on it.

Step 8.

Additional Engagement

Throughout our learner journeys, we provide additional learner perks to help keep our learners motivated. These include:

  • Sector-specific updates
  • Learner of the Month
  • Learner newsletter
  • Learner representative opportunities
  • Learner Voice
  • Prize draws
Step 9.

Continued Learner Support

Our team of LSA’s contact our learners every two weeks, ensuring they are progressing with their learning and checking if they need any help and support. This contact may be regarding the following:

  • Upcoming submissions
  • Overdue submissions
  • Learner surveys
  • A general ‘check-in’ to ensure everything is OK from the learner’s perspective
Step 10.


When a learner has completed and submitted all of their units of work, it will all be sent to our qualified Tutors to mark

Step 11.

Learner Voice

Whilst waiting for their results, our learners receive a second survey via email, allowing them to give feedback on their overall learning experience.

Step 12.


Upon passing all of their units, our learner has now successfully achieved their accredited qualification! They will be notified via email and receive their official recognised digital e-certificate within 8-12 weeks.