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World Mental Health Day – Supporting Your Workforce

Details: Written by Eleanor Lodge |

Through the turbulent and changing events of recent times, and with new statistics suggesting that one in six workers have a mental health problem, people all over the world feel the effects of poor mental health.

Mental health is defined as the condition regarding psychological and emotional well-being, an invisible but critical element to the overall well-being of all people. And as awareness of the importance of mental health support continues to grow, employers around the world are developing ways to better support their workforce and create an environment where confidence, creativity and happiness thrive!

As we recognise World Mental Health Day today, here are our top tips for employers to better support mental health in the workplace:

Develop a culture of support:

Mental health must be treated with the same understanding and compassion as physical health and communicating this message to employees is key. Ensuring a clear mental health strategy that promotes well-being and tackles the cause of work-related mental health problems allows employees to feel more comfortable expressing themselves when they need support.

Open the conversation around mental health:

Mental health problems can be uncomfortable and so sometimes you may need to take the lead and raise this with your employee. Ask your team if they're ok, check in with them and make sure they know that it's ok to need support.

Take action to help:

If a staff member admits they're struggling, it's your responsibility to take action!

Mental health charity Mind suggests:

  • Be positive and focus on what employees can do, rather than what they can't.
  • Work together and involve people in finding solutions as much as possible.
  • Remember people are often the expert when it comes to identifying the support or adjustment they need and how to manage their triggers for poor mental health.

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