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So, what is online learning?

Details: Written by Kelly Worsnop |

When you think of learning and education, what comes to mind? Do you instantly think of schools and classrooms? Well, thanks to the continued development of technology, the requirement to travel to a classroom to learn is a thing of the past.

Now, we’re able to learn anywhere we like, whether it’s from the sofa in your PJs or from a coffee shop while you’re enjoying a slice of cake, and all we need is internet access and a PC, laptop, tablet or even just a mobile phone!

So, what is online learning?

Online learning (also known as E-learning) is a form of distance learning that allows people to study in a virtual environment without the need to travel anywhere. Not only can this save people money, but it makes learning more accessible to a wider range of people.

There are different types of online learning though, with some having virtual classes to attend, and others (like us) having an online platform that you can log into and study whenever you like.

Frequently asked questions

As we mentioned already, there are lots of different types of online learning, but we’re here to answer some of the frequently asked questions we get asked about our online courses…

How is my online course assessed?

Most of our online courses are split into a number of units to break it up and make it easier to work through. At the end of each unit, our learners are asked a series of questions that they must answer. Once these answers have been submitted, one of our expert Tutors will mark the work and either pass that unit or provide feedback so the learner can try again.

How does online learning work at The Skills Network?

When studying an online course with us, it’s just a case of logging on to our online learning platform, EQUAL! Here, you have access to all your learning resources and assessment questions, alongside your submission deadlines for each unit, your Tutor feedback, progress tracking, and more.

EQUAL can be accessed from any device (although we recommend a PC or laptop), at any time. This means you can do your learning whenever is best for you and you can study around other commitments like work and family.

Will an online course suit me?

Studying a course online is a great option for anyone looking to upskill whilst saving money on travel and being able to learn around other commitments. For a successful online learning experience, we recommend the following:

  • Having self-discipline and motivation
  • Having good organisational skills (consider making a study timetable and getting into a routine)
  • Finding somewhere you can focus on your course (whether it’s a spare room at home, your office at work, a coffee shop or the train – a place where you can concentrate is essential!)
  • Having access to a device with an internet connection and having the ability to use it are also key!

Are online courses worth it?

As internet speeds and technology have improved, online learning has become easier, more immersive, and more practical. However, a few factors must be taken into account when deciding whether to learn online or in a face-to-face classroom environment. One of the key factors to consider is the subject of the course, as something tech-related may be better suited to online learning than a beauty course for example.

The benefits to businesses

When it comes to staff training, online learning can provide a much more time and cost-effective option for businesses. Not only is it scalable, but it can save money on course materials, trainers, travel and any accommodation, and it can reduce learning times by up to 60% compared to traditional learning too! (1)

Other benefits include:

  • Less impact on the environment
  • More effective
  • Enables consistency
  • Can be accessed at any time

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(1) Oxbridge Home Learning